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A supermarket achieved:

75 percent.png

Reduction in Organic Waste to Landfill

Diversion of Glass     to Recycling


Tonnes Overall

Diverted Per Year

A rest home achieved:

84 Percent.png

Diversion of Organic Waste to Composting

A tertiary institution:

77 Percent Pink.png

Reduction in Organic Waste to Landfill

82 Percent.png

Diversion of Plastics to Recycling


A Kohanga Reo:


Diversion of Organic Waste to Composting

An Early Childcare Centre:

92 Percent.png

Reduction in Organic Waste to Landfill

78 Percent.png
38 Percent.png

Saving on Waste Disposal Costs

A Restaurant:


A hotel achieved:

Reduction in Organic Waste to Landfill

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In the past two years alone we have helped Councils and Event Organisers collectively divert over six tonnes of waste from the landfill, redirect it to renewable resources, and achieve up to 91% waste diversion rates. 

100 Percent.png

Tonnes Overall

Diverted Per Year

Tonnes Overall

Diverted Per Year

Diversion of Plastics, Paper and Metals

Tonnes of  Waste

Diverted Per Year

— Holly Whittaker, Brand Manager, J H Whittakers & Sons —

Organic Wealth carried out a comprehensive waste audit at our chocolate factory which helped us see the opportunity we had to reduce a significant amount of waste from being sent to the landfill.  

We jumped into action, created a waste green team, and with the help of Careoline,

developed a strategic plan to implement the recommended changes.  

We are very grateful to the team at Organic Wealth for all of their support.

 - Angelka Vegar, Compliance, New World Miramar -

Thank you for all your help in getting the waste programme set up at New World Miramar,

it was truly invaluable to have your experience and expertise.

- Mike Sammon, Head of Sustainability, Foodstuffs NZ -

Careoline helped stores throughout the Lower North and South Islands achieve their 90% waste diversion targets.

The innovative ideas have been of great value to our store owners and the practical advice given to managers and staff made it easy for them to improve their recycling practises. Her friendly approach boosted morale throughout the stores she visited,

helping people to overcome any obstacles as they arose. 


Impacting changes were also supported by educational workshops that connected our Foodstuffs family to the heart of the matter,

and the importance of taking care of the planet. Thank you Careoline for all the support you have provided to help Foodstuffs NZ achieve our sustainability goals.

- Bronwyn Webster, Customer, Innovation & Sustainability Manager, Oceania Healthcare -

What a pleasure it is to work with Careoline at Organic Wealth. Her infectious enthusiasm, deep knowledge, and unfailing friendly support, has motivated and educated our teams with fantastic results. The more we work with her, the more value she delivers. A true gem.

- Stephen Edwards, General Manager, Wellesley Boutique Hotel -

Since Organic Wealth’s audit and subsequent second audit Wellesley Boutique Hotel has managed to save 4.7 tonnes of waste going to the landfill. This is a tremendous result and one we are very proud of. 

I found Careoline to be fantastic to deal with, very professional and passionate about doing what she can to help protect our beautiful planet.

- Kyle Wadsworth, Countdown, Woolworths New Zealand -

Thank you for your incredible effort into making Save on Waste work for Countdown.

Your dedication to the project is inspiring!

- Fergus Trengrove, Manager, Boulcott Street Bistro -

We were lucky enough to be put in touch with Careoline and her team at Organic Wealth early on this year . Whilst we knew we needed to be better as a business with how we deal with our waste, we had little knowledge or tools to follow this through. Careoline and her team have been fantastic and integral in helping us start to transform our approach to our waste, and in just over 6 months we have reduced our volume to landfill per annum by over 20 tonnes. Systems like the Save on Waste programme enable people to get involved and learn through highlighting our current footprint, and providing some easy steps to reduce our effect on the environment. 

- Robyn Harvey, Duty Manager, Blenheim PAK'nSAVE -

We worked with Careoline to help our store reach our waste minimisation goals. Along with her wealth of knowledge Careoline explains things thoroughly, is very easy to talk with, and if you have a problem she will be there for you to find a solution.

Anything is achievable, Careoline will guide you through the process to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

- Helene Judge, Event Organiser, Kapiti Food Fair -

The Fair has a long term goal to eliminate waste going to landfill. The amazing teams from Organic Wealth and 49Squadron Association work hard together to help us achieve our goal.

- Michael Jacques, Director, MDJ Media & Events Ltd -

Thanks for all your waste and recycling management efforts at the Porirua Grand Traverse this year. 

It went really well and was handled brilliantly.

- Brenda Taylor, Arts & Events Support Coordinator, Wellington City Council -

What a great waste minimisation outcome. Thanks again to you and the team for all your hard work.

- Brigid Connor, Event Organiser, Weta Digital -

Wow. This is great news! We are so happy with this result.

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