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Our Save on Waste Programme - for Businesses

Waikane Country Lodge

Paula's Beds R Us


Waste Audit Report

Our Save on Waste programme is designed for businesses who want to improve their waste and recycling practices.  Businesses will benefit from our waste audit report service and/or sign up to a full education and support programme to help their staff to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Our proven model of success supports and guides our clients to save money and save the Earth.  See our latest win-win success stories featured on Scoop and in the Kapiti News. 

"Thank you for your incredible effort into making Save on Waste work for Countdown.

``Your dedication to the project is inspiring!" Kyle Wadsworth, Countdown Johnsonville.

Our Zam! Healthy Soil Healthy Kids Programme - for Early Childcare

Our Zam! Healthy Soil, Healthy Kids programme is designed for early childcare centres throughout the Wellington Region.


Zam! is an innovative performance playshop designed to inspire children to learn about composting and gardening. Using storytelling, song and dance, Zam! the Sustainability SuperMan, enables children to explore the wonder of nature and has become a catalyst for change at childcare centres throughout the Wellington region. 


The full Healthy Soil, Healthy Kids programme comes complete with compost bins, vege beds and educational workshops for teachers and parents.  For a private view into all the wonders of this programme ask one of our team to come and visit you to show our promotional video. 

Sand Dunes Early Childcare Centre

Love Food Hate Waste - The NZ Campaign

Organic Wealth provides public engagement services to help spread environmental messages - like the Love Food Hate Waste Campaign Public Event Series, which was funded by the Nine Councils in the Wellington Region.  New Zealanders throw out enough food waste that could feed almost a quarter of a million New Zealanders every year.


For more information visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.co.nz.



James @ Island Bay Festival

Waste Minimisation Education in Schools

James @ Wairarapa College

Recycle and Win!

Porirua's Compost Classroom


Wellington Waste Heroes

Organic Wealth delivers dynamic behavioural change education in schools. In partnerships  with Keep New Zealand Beautiful, and local Councils we have delivered successful programmes in over 50 schools throughout the Wellington Region.


Our programmes kick off with an inspirational presentation in school assemblies, designed to show the effects of littering and a lack of recycling on our environment. Punchy and impacting this makes children think about their actions and shows the power of recycling to make a difference. Delivered in signatury creative style, James Micael combined dramatic imagery and quotes alongside funky singing and dancing to have wow audiences at Secondary, Intermediate and Primary levels.


Then the education begins with waste audits, environmental educational lessons, video creations, and student led actions. where The sky is the limit for our students.  We support all the schools to improve their own  waste reduction and recycling practises. We also celebrate their good work and do what we can to support and encourage our future environmental leaders.

On behalf of Porirua City Council, we manage and deliver Compost Classroom - helping students and teachers to learn how to compost and setting up their own on-site rat proof composting system to divert their organic waste from the landfill.

On behalf of Wellington City Council, we manager and deliver Wellington Waste Heroes - an action packed education programme that inspires our students to lead the way to creating a better environment for future generations. For more details about the programme please click here.

Public Event Recycling Management and Education Services

Organic Wealth can take care of the waste and recycling management at your public events. The events that we manage are now diverting over 80% of their waste from the landfill.  We also provide innovative and unique waste minimisation education for the community that has a focus on making recycling accessible and fun for people of all ages. 

Porirua Grand Traverse

" Thanks for all your waste and recycling management efforts at the Porirua Grand Traverse this year.  It went really well and was handled brilliantly." Michael Jacques, MDJ Media & Events Ltd

"I love your kaupapa. Getting children involved in recycling at an early age is important for our future. And you are doing it through having fun. Good on you!"

"Your stall has more children at it than at the amusement rides, and it's all free... Thats because children don't want to sit down, they want to play games, use their hands and make things up, just like we did when we were young!" 

“What a great waste minimisation outcome. Thanks again to you and the team for all your hard work”.  Brenda Taylor, Arts & Events Support Coordinator, Wellington City Council

Coffee Grounds Recycling Collection Service
Coffee Grounds Collective Logo_Transpare

A wonderful community enterprise available in the Porirua and Kapiti Coast region.

Does your cafe have used coffee grounds that need a home? Instead of disposing of them at landfill, which creates harmful methane gases, we have many local schools and residents in your local community  that  would love to use them in their gardens. 

Organic Wealth offers a reliable collection service to match make local gardeners with your used coffee grounds, for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per week. 


Click on this link to find out more and email cc@organicwealth.nz to join

the Coffee Ground Collective.

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