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Compost-Zing is a mixture of plant-based by-products, which have been fermented with a beneficial microbial culture, called EM (Effective Microrganisms), and then dried for storage. The material acts as a housing or medium for these micro-organisms to live.


When added to your food waste using the ZingBokashi Compost-Zing System, the Compost-Zing guides the decomposition of organic matter into a fermenting rather than simply decaying.


Widely used throughout New Zealand ZingBokashi Compost-Zing processes household organic matter into highly productive garden compost in just 4 weeks!


It is easy to use and environmentally friendly.  

Bokashi Zing! 1KG Bag

  • Due to high shipping costs we are only delivering to customers located in the North Island at this time. 

    Kapiti Coast District Deliveries are free of charge. 

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